Virtual Beach Therapy 7

In Second Life™ the next beach is always just around the corner, or at the very least a quick transport away. Something tells me we’re still at leas a couple of centuries removed from that type of transportation in real life, so we have to create the illusion of a quick getaway in our minds, or alternatively, find beauty in the little things in real life. As this blog is about Second Life, I’ll stick with the illusion for now.

Sapphire’s Pearl Dreams is a picturesque coastal island town that seems both full off life and yet abandoned. All the little rezzed details come together to paint an intriguing story and the whole sim is just so darn cute, you’ll definitely want to wander all over the place and investigate every crook and nook. I particularly like the relaxing lounge music that’s streaming at this sim. I know many people have there SL viewer set up not to automatically stream, but for me it’s been a way to discover new streams and music all the time. Totally unrelated to this sim: I never knew how much German hip hop is being made until discovered the stream at the Backdrop City sim. I also never knew how much I disliked German hip hop but how after a while a kind love to hate it or hate to love it. I didn’t realise how conflicted I could feel about music. But let’s get back to Sapphire’s Pearl Dreams…

This is a moderate sim so you shouldn’t get down and dirty, but there are plenty of romantic spots you can lie back and have a cuddle. The rainbow flag isn’t officially waving at this place, but unless otherwise stated I always take that for granted. If straight people are allowed to rub their “lifestyle” in my face on a daily basis, I don’t see why same sex couples should refrein from public displays of affection. I don’t particularly enjoy being in a queue just behind a couple who can’t keep their hands of each other, but I don’t see my personal qualms as a valid reason for stopping people from living their life. But I am digressing again! It’s one of those days. Anyhoo, in short: this sim has some romantic spots for hanging out with your favourite person (or people) and no area is private here, so you can stick your nose in everywhere. It’s not hard to see how this sim made the Editor’s Picks list for Second Life™ destinations. I for one had a rather therapeutic experience putting my little photoshoot together.


  • Noche Victor Swim Suit, currently at Fameshed until August 27th and at Noche’s main store after that. The top and swim shorts are two separate pieces, but sold together. They are rigged for Belleza Jake and Legacy Meshbody and the fatpack comes with a very generous range of textures for the top, shorts and belt. Credits below are for the avatar in the yellow and white ensemble.
  • Birth Freddy skin & their body skin for Legacy. The facial stubble is part of the skin
  • Lelutka Skyler mesh head 3.1
  • Legacy Meshbody
  • Billy Beaverhausen Fred shape for Lelutka Skyler and Legacy Meshbody
  • Modulus Bailey hair

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