Changing Colors hunt

Soon some people will be doing that annoying thing of going to some woodsy area to witness the changing of the leaves in person, much to the chagrin of the locals because, well… tourists! Personally I’m spending some quality time with my friends and family in Belgium before I return to Sweden. Here it’s still too soon to for leafs to turn golden, orange and red and once I’m back in Stockholm, chances are it will go very quickly from yellow to brown with not much splendor in between. Now let’s see if this Changing Colors hunt will fork up some splendid prizes. I couldn’t find a hints list, but I can tell you the hunt starts at Wiccan Wears. The hunt runs till the end of  September, you’ll be looking for an autumn leaf and the prizes are 1L$.

  1. The first hint at Wiccan Wears is “When it’s your turn have a seat!”
  2. The second stop is Storax Tree and you’ll find the gift right at the poster. In other words, there’s no hint here.
  3. Next stop is Timeless Textures. Hint: No hint here! So let me give you one of my own: Yesterday I visited a medieval castle. (true story).
  4. Changed Seasons. Hint: Again no hint in the hint giver! It’s starting to look like participants don’t care much about this hunt. So here’s my hint: I sure hope this isn’t poison ivy!changing colors hunt - 2 blog
  5. The Happy Hat. Hint: Again no hint, but this store is no bigger than a top hat, so you should be able to find that leaf. The gifts is a nice scene with horses, a broken fence and some trees which includes a couple of poses and a colourful cowboy hat.
  6. Sassy Brats. Hint: Oy vey! Here I go again with a hint of my own. Hit the stairs but watch out for the cat! It’s just a bit playful but those claws are sharp.
  7. Grumble. Hint: Nope! Shake your magic ball to get an answer.
    changing colors hunt - 3 blog
  8. Waffles. Hint: Again njet on the hints! Check out the nooks and crannies of the ground floor. You may want to check if you got mail while you’re at it.
  9. DRAMA. Hint: No hint again here, but as it’s a small shop it’s no big drama.
  10. WCI. Hint: You guessed it! No hint in the hint giver. Go take a walk on the beach, especially if you always wanted to make furniture or art out of driftwood.
  11. The Sissy Bar. Hint: nope. This leaf got lost in a hibiscus bush.

That’s all folks. Happy hunting!

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