Quench Your Thirst 10

Hooray! Smart people who subscribed to JOCKD, which is a kind of underwear club subscription box thing at Thirst, will have received their goodies at the beginning of this week. As usual the items will be available for the gen pop on the 12th of the month. At that point you’ll miss out on some exclusive textures and you’ll pay a little more, but personally I think the boxes are always good value for money. If you pre-order the price is L$400, the full price is L$600. That’s not bad for two completely different underwear items usually with about 6 to 8 textures each. This month the subscribers actually got an exclusive 3rd pair of undies that won’t be included in the set.

The Midway brief is one of the two items you’ll find in the set. A classic pair of long cut boxer briefs, perfect for standing on the balcony of your futuristic habitat pod, overlooking a desolate landscape… or is that just me? You can “dress up” the boxers briefs with the Thirst Crop Tee… gosh, that makes it almost formal wear!

Shown on the Belleza Jake body with the Catwa Victor head, Arthur skin by Stray Dog (this particular skin was a hunt item and isn’t available at the store) and Modulus Bailey hair. The mesh ears are by L’etrê. Add-on nipples by Noche were used for extra perkiness.

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