Thirst @ Equal10 June 2019

I went over to Equal10 to get dazzled by the bright neon decor of this event and check out what’s on offer. As usual there’s a good mix of male, female and decor items, as that is the whole raison d’être of this event. The current round of Equal10 runs till July 5th, so it was still early days when I went and it certainly seemed to attract a fair share of people… Excuse me, pardon, coming through!

I got the Show-Off Shorts by Thirst. These shorts come in 6 colours by default and are rigged for Signature Gianni, Belleza Jake and TMP Legacy. They come with the Damian Jock in one colour, but you can also purchase this jock as part of the JOCKD set for June at the Thirst store and give yourself a lot more mixing and matching options.

Shown with Carlos skin by Birth, on the Catwa Victor head and Signature Gianni body. The hairstyle is Adrian by Modulus and the mesh ears are by L’etrê

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