Pleasing Aesthetic – Episode 3

I’m still quite new to the Niramyth Aesthetic body, but I wonder why there isn’t more support for it from clothing designers. One could say that this body’s particular physique is an acquired taste, yet if one spends some time at various gay sims, it becomes clear that it’s far from obscure. Perhaps those that have it, want to flaunt it and prefer to stay (semi) naked most of the time. There’s nothing wrong with that, but personally I do like dressing my virtual dolls. I guess it’s a repressed childhood thing or maybe the self-indulgence of a wannabe stylist.

Regular readers will know that a lack of underwear options for particular bodies is one of my pet peeves. While I dare say that the Aesthetic body isn’t as well supported in that area as for example the Signature Gianni and Belleza Jake bodies, it does have the aptly named Cox brand to fall back on, so to speak. I rather like their strategically wrapped and tied bandanna. This piece is very representative of what the Cox brand is all about.

Something else I take issue with is the complete lack of skins for the Aesthetic body. For those that want to use the head that automatically comes with this body, there’s a handful of appliers like the one I’m using in this case. It’s ‘Blaze’ by Birth and it matches seamlessly with the body’s original skin. The tone I’m using here is called Medium and I made it darker with the body’s tinting option. It’s looking pretty fine, but I can’t help but wonder if it wouldn’t have been even nicer if Birth had an applier for the body as well.
The hair I’m using is ‘Essential Dreads’ by Camo, the mesh eyes are ‘Solstice Eyes’ by Avi Glam and the accessories are group gifts from the current issue of L’Homme Magazine (see page 29 for a list of contributors).

Another fun brand that has some sexy gear for the Aesthetic body is Guilty. Their offer is limited, but the Suntek shorts and Tankyes tank hit the spot. You can wear the shorts respectably pulled up, or teasingly pulled down. The ‘Sandov’ sandals by Versov are a group gift and thankfully come in an Aesthetic size so you don’t have to go through the rigmarole and kerfuffle of stretching a pair of resizable ones to make them fit.

Next I zipped over to The Mens Department to try my luck at the current round of that event (runs till the end of August). Eventually I found a very smart set by Tori Torricelli which includes an Enzo size (some designers use that name instead of Aesthetic). The Jumpov sneakers are another group gift at Versov. I’ve noticed that newer Versov items no longer include an Aesthetic size, but this older gift which has stood the test of time, thankfully does include such a pair and it comes with a colour hud too.

Well that’s it for my escapades with the Niramyth Aesthetic avatar for this time. I rather enjoy how it’s thoroughly different from all the other bodies I regularly use. A change is as good as a holiday. I wonder who first came up with that saying… It’s a bit crap really.

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