What’s Eating TMP 17 (Legacy)

Rather curious to see how it’s going with support for the TMP Legacy body, I headed back to the Man Cave event, before it closes on August 11th, to see if there were any new items that specifically include a Legacy size.

I’m going to approach this as a silver lining and will say that luckily for my wallet, there weren’t many options that fit that description. Of course you can try anything at Man Cave in a different size and see if you can make it work with a combination of alpha cuts, shape adjustments and perhaps the body deformer, but I want to keep it nice and easy.

All I snatched from Man Cave is the Joshi Top by Cubura. As far as I could see, the only other item that also included a Legacy size, was a big open raincoat. I can’t remember the name of the designer and can’t be arsed to go back to Man Cave now. I already had the Diego shorts by Legal Insanity and these were recently updated to fit the Legacy body. For footwear I used the resizable version of the Sandov sandals by Versov (group gift!).

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