To quote brilliant British stand-up comedian Sara Pascoe about starting to do yoga: “It’s given me a whole new language. My favourite new word is Namaste. It’s a very old word, it’s very sacred and it means the yoga has finished now.”

Tying my body into impossible knots in a room full of sweaty people isn’t my idea of a good time, but it sure can be enjoyable to watch my avatar stretch and meditate on a beach on what I imagine to be a perfect day. What is the use of SL if we don’t do things in this virtual world we would never do in real life?
I’m sure I should start wearing winter outfits to be more on point and realistic too, but instead I find myself still going out and about in the new Strapped Tank by Thirst, which is available at the current round of Romp till November 25th (after that it will be moved to the Thirst store). Often I’ll just wear it with underpants or the more socially acceptable Thirst Summer Vibes Jogger Shorts. One could say the entire outfit is thirsty and pleasantly lacking in fabric.

I have treated myself to a new head. There’s another thing you won’t be saying anytime soon in real life, unless perhaps if you’re a serial killer who keeps skulls as trophies. It’s the Guy mesh head by Lelutka and I’m wearing it with the new Maverick applier by Birth, made especially for Lelutka mesh heads. I don’t know what it looks like on the Lelutka Andrea head, but on Guy it looks drop dead gorgeous. This skin is currently on show at the Man Cave event till December 11th. After that you can check out the Birth store. In this case I combined the head with the Belleza Jake body and as I’m rather critical of the neck seam phenomenon in SL, I have to say that I was pleasant surprised with how unnoticeable it was in various windlights as I was going about my business.

The playfully messy hair is Adrian by Modulus and the radiant eyes are Solstice eyes by Avi Glam. I didn’t use mesh ears with this head cause I think it’s own ears are rather cute, especially because you can rotate them.

Right! Now leave me alone and let me soak up some sunshine. I had to wait till that other guy buggered off till I could claim this spot. Off you go, sashay away.

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