Partridge in a Pear Tree – Episode 15

Here’s a blog series I can pick up right where I left off last year. The holiday season usually is a good time for finding some nice gifts all over the grid. From advent calendars, hunts to special group gifts, there is something for everyone. Well okay, maybe almost everyone. There’s just no pleasing some people!

A good place to start is Fameshed, to check out the newest creations from SL’s finest creators and to grab some of the gift boxes. The ladies are really being spoiled here, but there are some items for male avatars as well and some home decor bits and pieces. Make sure you’re wearing the Fameshed group tag. Joining this group is free.

This sweater with a hooded bodywarmer by Gild is one of the gifts at Fameshed. Truth be told, I don’t like the obvious branding on the back. To me that says “well alright I’ll give you something for Christmas, but I’ll make you a walking advert while I’m at it”. But hey, real life brands do it all the time AND they make YOU pay for it. Congrats on your new Golce & Dabana sweatshirt, you douche! You probably paid more for it than the person who made it makes in a whole year, but bah humbug, right?!

Bed by Soy

If you were looking for a simple black pair of sweats, then Etham has just the gift for your at Fameshed.

A couple of gift boxes were non-functional during my visit so I’ll have to go to Fameshed again another time, but for now these two items are going to be it. 10 hour work days are difficult to combine with SL gift hunting. Oh well, at least I’m not Santa. Then again, he’s got an army of forced labour elves and gets to shout out to all the ho ho ho’s all the time. Not a bad deal, if you ask me.

Items are shown on the Belleza body with the Lelutka Guy mesh head (freckles and stubble included), Birth Ripley skin and Stealthic Narcotic hair, IDTTY “Real” eyebrows.

…and a partridge in a pear treeeeeeeeeeee! *hick*

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