Halloween prep with David

If there’s one thing Second Life™ does really well, it’s Halloween. This virtual world really rezzes to the occasion (see what I did there?) when it comes to this particular yearly season of dark yet colourful but also macabre festivity. You can definitely let your freak flag fly any time of the year in SL, but from late September to early November that flag flies with a fierceness to behold. One could go as far as to call it Halloween Pride. I’m personally kicking things of with a Halloween styling session for the NX-Nardcotix David mesh body.

I knew I had a skin by 7 Deadly S[k]ins hanging around somewhere in the rather well organised folders of my inventory that was due for an airing. It is a pale skin with a cracked marble effect and it gave me an idea to create a kind of mysterious angel-like / fairy creature. He could be good, he could be bad. Maybe he’s just something in between? Two dimensional characters are boring anyway.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that a rather old but interesting pair of trousers with a wrap by Gabriel, actually works quite well for David in the TMP size. Boots are built-in with these trousers, which saves you the hassle of trying to find a pair of boots that will work without clashing. We want complex characters but simplicity and ease when it comes to getting dressed, right? Of course I could have dolled up even more, with a necklace, some leather cuffs perhaps? Maybe some studs and rings and bling in the ears? I kept this look clean and simple on purpose. This angel doesn’t go for all that fancy shit, okay. And on that quasi testy note, I’ll leave you to it and I’m flying outa here.


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