Castor Cottage – Episode 6

A long long time ago, a century at least, on a sim far far away (on another planet) I was renting the quite roomy Chilmark House by Brook Hill Living. I named it Castor Cottage and spent a lot time decorating it in an eclectic quasi classic style. In this episode of the series about Castor Cottage I’ll take to one of the two bathrooms. Yes, I had two. The madness of it all! Two bathrooms in Second Life™, meanwhile in real life if I want to take a bath, I have to put my feet against the wall while I’m watching something on the iPad that’s resting on the toilet seat. Ah, the good life.

The walls of the Chilmark House have “baked”shadows and you can easily just apply a colour to them, but instead I went pretty wild with Delft blue tiles in this bathroom. Ro!Act Designs calls these Arabian Blue tiles though. I guess we have a different frame of (cultural) reference.

For my bathroom suite I went with a classic: the bathroom cabinet sink and clawfoot bathtub by LAQ Decor. They haven’t put out anything new in ages and while I find their existing items just a little bit lacking in refinement, I felt this particular style was very suitable for the classic interior I was going for in this house. It’s also great that the cabinet sink has all those details on it and still is only 4 prims. The curtains and table for the bath are items you can temporarily rez and derez with the menu, so you can make your bathing experience more luxurious or just basic and if you’re in a bit of a hurry, you can easily turn the bath into a shower. Why am I talking about this bathroom as if it’s a real thing? It’s like I’m in a house-sharing situation and someone else just has spent a full hour in the bathroom and now I have 5 minutes left to spruce up before I leave for a hot date or something. I don’t even DO roleplay!

I stuck with LAQ Decor for my toilet (oh yes, you really need one for roleplay) and found the nice rustic Apothecary Cabinet at Apple Fall, which I filled with goodies also from Apple fall (bath brushes in a jar, bath bombs, lotions) and Loft & Aria (towels and the cake stand with soaps). The Nutmeg vintage laundry container was the perfect item to fill that empty corner with. To be honest, there still was plenty of space in this bathroom for more furniture. I could have had a sofa in here, but wouldn’t that just get damp and mouldy? I have zero experience with spacious bathrooms in real life. I’ve only ever seen a sofa in a bathroom in pictures and that has always been my thought… mould.

Right, this just leaves the spare room to show in some future blog post, when I dive back in the past… Sounds like the plot of a movie. Right! Where did I park that DeLorian?

PS: The avatar I used here was using the old TMP Deluxe body, which you now can get for free as the Classic Meshbody. The head and skin were also by TMP and are no longer available. The hair is by Stealthic and the towel is by Noche.

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