Sweater Weather

We’re about a week into November and unless you have been living under a rock somewhere (was it nice, did you make it like real cosy and stuff?) I don’t need to tell you that the political climate has been pretty hot lately. As for the actual climate, you can deny the existence of climate change till the cows come home, but when I look at average temperatures now, it is increasingly harder to deny that November is much milder than it used to be when I first arrived in Stockholm many moons ago. Speaking of cows, farming cattle for dairy and meat consumption plays a role in this too, unless of course you don’t believe that either. The year is 2020 and for many of you the truth is what you make it, rather than a (scientific) consensus based on facts. Oh well. Best not get to political hey, as that may scare away some precious readers. But as the brilliant Catherine Tate’s teenage girl character would say: “Am I bovvered though?” Look that up, maybe you’ll have a laugh. Goodness knows we all need one.

Instead of flirting with the freezing point, the temperature in Stockholm today is a balmy 11° C and it’s even sunny with not much wind to speak off (the trees I can see from my living room aren’t moving). It kinda makes you wonder why the hell I’m sitting here typing this? That’s because I’m a vampire, I don’t go out on sunny days cause people will be blinded by my sparkly glowing skin. Oh how delightful! It’s a Twilight reference. Let’s hope there are some 16-year old girls around.
OK, so I will be wearing a jacket when I go outside, but I hear that in little old Belgium they’re having as much as 16° C and I’d definitely go out in that just wearing a sweater. That finally (finally!) brings us to the lovely new Joel sweater Noche currently has at the Equal10 event. Noche is a sponsor of mine, so you can be sceptical about any fawning I’m about to do over this item, but I’ll leave it up to you to make up your own mind. For me this is one of the best form-fitting sweaters I have owned in Second Life™. This sweater doesn’t make my chest look weird like some others do and I love the very slight billowing and folds of fabric just above the bottom trim. It’s definitely one of the more realistic looking sweaters in SL at the moment. There, that’s my fawning over and done with.

I went through several pairs of jeans and you can of course easily wear this sweater with the Noche Hayden jeans, which leaves no gap. Personally I was charmed by the little gap you get when you wear this sweater with the Deadwool Kojima jeans. This created an irresistible opportunity for flashing just a bit of thong. Oh, Naughty! That’s going to cause some zooming in of cams, I’m sure. Oh SL, so many perverts, so little time.
Right! Time to go show off this look now. Cheerio.


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