A Look at Akeruka Advanced – Episode 6

I was wondering whether I should make this an episode in the What’s Eating TMP series or maybe even put this up as a “For a Little Less” post, but in the end I decided to let the Akeruka Advanced male mesh head take the lead again. I am using the free version of the Classic Meshbody and the Advanced mesh head is still only L$2000, so it definitely is one of my more affordable looks. I don’t know when Akeruka plans to raise that price, so if you like what you’re seeing here and you haven’t got that head yet, you better not dilly dally, get a wriggle on and woosh over to the Akeruka Store.

It looks like it has become really challenging to find something new that includes the Classic Meshbody size, so I stopped looking for this and I got the new Cole Shawl Sweater by Tori Torricelli at the current round of the TMD event (ends November 30th). This sweater doesn’t include a size for the Classic Meshbody, but I’m making the Legacy size work. The sweater’s auto alpha does most of the heavy lifting and I just had to click a few more alpha cuts in the hud that comes with the body to hide some bits of skin that were poking through.

For members of their group, Tori Torricelli also have a nice leather wrist band as a gift at TMD. Several sizes are included as well as an unrigged version. I’m wearing the Boyberry jeans by Deadwool, as these are an old reliable go-to option for the TMP body… Oh, I’m sorry, I meant Classic Meshbody (*whishpers: but it’s TMP though). Another fun thing about these jeans, is that you can get away with wearing Noche’s Metalic Thong with them, as this is one of the older Noche items that comes in the TMP size. Fair warning: don’t expect underwear that was made for the Legacy body to work with the Classic body. After a bit of rummaging around in my inventory, I found a nice pair of shoes by Versov and would you believe it, not only do the Jumpov sneakers come in the TMP size, they’re actually a group gift and there’s no joining fee.


  • Akeruka Advanced mesh head
  • Classic Meshbody
  • Billy Beaverhausen Connor shape for Akeruka Advanced and Classic Meshbody, it also looks good (though different) with the Legacy Meshbody and Belleza Jake
  • Stray Dog Jay skin for Catwa, using the BOM version obviously + their skin for the Legacy body (again, using the BOM version)
  • Stealthic Haunting hair and hair base
  • Avi-Glam Solstice eyes, applied to the rigged eyes that come with the Akeruka head. You will need the Omega relay, which you can find at Akeruka store
  • After this round of TMD has ended, you’ll find the Shawl Sweater at the Tori Torricelli store. Not sure if the wrist band will be there also.
  • Deadwool Boyberry jeans
  • Versov Jumpov sneakers (group gift)
  • Noir Ryan dog tag

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