A Country Escape

I’ve got this feeling that I would rather enjoy being somewhere far away from everything for a little while. Glamping seems rather attractive at the moment. In Second Life­­™ I wandered around a bit at The Hollow, a temporary sim that’s only open until April 20th. It’s the Dust Bunny Wanderlust Hedera Caravan I found there that set me on this day dreaming path.

I’ve even given my attire some thought in that daydream. Because it’s not full-on camping, I think I can get away with something that is comfortable and casual without being the kind of thing you see at stores that sell tents. While I’m at it, I’ll imagine slightly warmer weather too than what I’m currently living with in reality. The Will outfit by Noche does the trick for me. Noche’s designer got inspired by Taylor Swift’s video for her song Willow and he did a great job on the details in this outfit. As usual the fatpack is almost flowing over with colour options, so I spent some time mixing and matching to my heart’s content, until I settled on greens and browns that suit my imaginary green surroundings.

And while I’ll allow my mind to drift off into this meandering daydream, I’ll leave you with the…


  • Noche Will outfit, currently at Fameshed until April 27th and at the Noche main store after that. The suspenders are sold separately and the outfit is rigged for Belleza Jake and Legacy Meshbody
  • Akeruka Advanced M01 mesh head
  • Belleza Jake mesh body
  • Stray Dog Erwin skin for Catwa (the BOM skin is a nice match with the Akeruka head). I used the browless skin and applied the HD eyebrows you can find in the head’s hud. The facial hair also comes with the head.
  • Rickard shape
  • Modulus Simon hat & hair
  • Avi-Glam Solstice eyes, applied on the rigged eyes that come with the head. You’ll need to grab the omega relay at the akeruka store if you want to use these eyes as an applier. Mesh eyes are included too, so you could use those instead of the rigged eyes.
  • Versov Nardov sneakers

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