Castor Cottage – Episode 7

I think we have finally come to the end of my tour of Castor Cottage, the (for me) huge house I decorated way back when I still did a bit of socialising in Second Life™. These days I tend to keep to myself and I also seem to have lost “voice” somewhere along the way and haven’t been able to get it back. It’s not that I can’t enjoy a nice chat on the tippie-typie thingy (a.k.a. keyboard), it’s just that I haven’t got the energy to invest in (new) people. Anyhoo, this is meant to be the final leg of the tour of the Chilmark House by Brook Hill Living, not a session of me delving into the pros and cons of socialising in SL. So no more dilly dallying, let’s take a look at what I called the guest suite (see, I really was being sociable, I had a suite for guests!).

I think I was running out of prims at this point, or possibly out of patience, or maybe I didn’t want to over burden the sim, so I kept this guest suite very uncluttered. Throughout this house I used an interesting mix of wall papers, which I found by just looking for real life samples online and turning them into seamless patterns when necessary. The Meadow bed and Maurice side table by Lisp Bazaar look quite at home in the country setting of this house. The Judy lamp by MudHoney works well as a light to read a book by and when my guests need something to sit on to gracefully put on their socks and avoid that clumsy one-footed hopping around, they can use the leather strapped trunk by Apple Fall. The art is by Dali, but the frame is from the Apple Fall botanical study.

Of course I couldn’t call this a suite if my guests did have something else to sit on than their bed. Opposite the sleeping area, there’s this cosy corner with the Nutmeg Chesterfield sofa (a group gift, which I can’t find at that their store now), made even cosier with the “Sunday Morning” throw pillows by Aria. The coffee table doesn’t seem to be in my inventory, which makes me suspect that this item was rezzed by my “land lord”. He constantly was spurring me on to finish this decorating project by rezzing things for me to look at (and reject). The Apple Fall Blue Bell painted closet fits nicely against that narrow bitt of wall between the windows and offers a place to put some flowers on. The box with roses and vase with meadow flowers both are by Apple Fall, as are the decorative bed warmers on the wall above the closet. Again the artwork is something I’ve picked up from the internet.

No guest suite would be complete without a little work area. The desk from the Inspired Space set by Serenity Style looks simple, but it has doors and drawers that open, so my guests can keep their work space clutter free for however long they are staying (hopefully no longer than it takes for fish to rot). I think that desk was part of a Decocrate set and I can’t really find it at the Serenity Style store.The chair is from another Decocrate set by Sari Sari and I couldn’t find that either. The idea of the Decrocrate subscription boxes was that items were going to be exclusive to the boxes for some time. Once boxes were retired, the designers were free to put the items up at their store, but I think some of them didn’t do that. These days a new Decocrate only comes out a couple of times a years instead of each month. I’m shedding some light on the work space with the golden Task Lamp by The Loft (and Aria) which you actually can find at the store (oh look, a useful credit!). Of course I couldn’t leave that other big wall empty, so I placed the Tarte DIY entryway table there (it kinda is an entryway because the door leads to the spacious terras). Obviously one can’t just put a table out there without putting anything on it, deuh! So what we have here is the lovely Seaglass lamp (gacha) by Lucas Lameth and Apple Fall white iris. The carriage clock with books is also by Apple Fall, but it’s a gacha item you’ll only find in Marketplace these days.

In hotels the storage space often is disappointing. No guest of mine shall be lacking in space to properly unpack and neatly put away their clothes for the duration of their stay (seriously though, are you moving in or something? *nervous giggles*). The Modular Wardrobe by Consignment really helped me deliver on that promise. My Little Glowing Boyfriend by Bauwerk is their to make sure my guests can see what they’re doing while they’re getting dressed… so what’s their excuse for looking such a mess?

Obviously I absolutely cannot have a guest suite without an ensuite. I imagine this part of the house has been modernised at a later stage and instead of putting in a classic bathtub, I’ve opted for the sleek N4RS Wet Man Shower. Guests will find an ample supply of floofie towels in the Apple Fall Noel cabinet and some more towels are already waiting for them on a little Nutmeg wooden stool for immediate use. Because I don’t think there’s anything wrong with mixing utilitarian sleek design with a more rustic style, I installed the Apple Fall Lange washtand and hung up the Dutchie antique mirror. Et voilà, there’s your ensuite.

And with that and a bit of gratuitous nudity (hey! it’s called “Wet Man Shower”, okay!?) we have come to the end of our tour. I hope you enjoyed this episode and you can find previous episodes by using the search at the bottom of my blog.

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