A Brief Encounter

It is no secret at all that I like my virtual underwear. Hell, if this would be a secret it would be the very definition of the world’s worst kept secret. As Second Life™ is a place where a lot of people like to live out fantasies which real life might not let them get around to, much of the undergarments in SL are of the daring kind. I wear the butt floss quite often when upper garments will allow me to show it off and I sure like the buttock-lift of a good jockstrap, but every now and again I like to wear something a bit more, dare I say it, normal. Enter the newest creation by Noche, the Devlin briefs.

It’s rather refreshing to see a pair of well executed y-briefs in SL. It’s the kind of (fresh) underwear youre mother wants you to wear just in case you get hit by a car and they have to undress you in hospital. Oh the shame you would bring upon the family if you were caught wearing something slutty in such a situation! The fatpack of these briefs comes with 26 colour options which can be applied to the main fabric, trim and waistband separately and there are 30 designs for the print on the waistband.

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