Run Forest, Run!

For a brief period in real life I became quite the avid runner. I started gently by taking long walks straight after work. I was still living with my parents back then and had absolutely nothing in my way to prevent me from “stretching my legs” for a couple of hours every day. Then I gradually started building in short burst of jogging into the walk. As soon as I felt I could keep it going, I started driving straight home from work and running in the countryside where my parents still live today. At least four times a week, come rain or shine, I would run 5 or 10 km. I had already started a weight loss journey and the running gave it an extra kick, so it wan’t hard to find the motivation. Sadly, I never really enjoyed it. I enjoyed the after buzz, but not really the running itself. My knees weren’t agreeing with it either so I ended up trading it in for a crosstrainer. At least I could have the tv on while I was spinning away on that contraption every day.

I do envy people who seem to be enjoying themselves while running though. It is quite a popular way to stay fit for lots of people in Stockholm. Year in, year out those bloody joggers are being a nuisance to those of us that just want to enjoy a walk. It’s kinda funny how there’s a nuisance hierarchy in traffic. Walkers are annoyed by runners and bikers, then of course bikers feel threatened by cars and anyone driving a car has large vehicles like busses and trucks looming over them. Anyhoo, at least collisions in Second Life™ don’t come with any physical damage and virtual running doesn’t put any strain on my knees either. You know, I’m really starting to think SL is better than RL.


  • Noche Leon Shorts, available at Equal10 until October 5th, check the main store at a later date
  • Noche Hawk crop tee
  • Versov Evenov sneakers
  • Lelutka Connor EVO X mesh head, freckles and beard used come with the head
  • Birth Hendrix skin for Lelutka EVO X mesh head (make sure you click the EVO X button in the head’s hud) & Birth’s body skin for Legacy Meshbody
  • Legacy Meshbody
  • Stealthic Narcotic hair
  • Nar Mattaru Immortalis tattoo
  • Billy Beaverhausen Brent shape

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