Netflix & Chill – Episode 1

Hey there Beaver fans! Yikes! That greeting needs work. Anyhoo, welcome, welcome, make yourselves at home, Spread out, have a muffin and lets take a look at my current Netflix intake.

Winter is coming, but no I’m not watching that Game of Thrones prequal series. I’m not sure I even want to see it, but that’s on HBO anyway and I currently don’t have a subscription to that streaming service. Isn’t it getting a bit out of hand with those? Sure, streaming services are flexible and of course you can drop any of them at any given moment, at which point they will let you watch until the end of the period you’ve prepaid, which usually is just one month. However, I also know that people forget to unsubscribe and end up paying without watching anything for whole months. Well isn’t that just a nice little easy earner for the Hollywood fat cats? In any case, I’m happy with just Netflix on top of all the shows and movies I have access to with the Tele2 TV-box (as Swedish thing) and some foreign channels I can watch using a VPN service (Nordvnp). More than enough really. I almost let out a little panicky shriek whenever Netflix suggests something new. I’ll end up taking time off from work, just to catch up with my shows at this rate.

Here are some things I’m currently watching or have just finished, with links to trailers on YouTube (which in my opinion often show too much):

  • The Sandman: There’s nothing I didn’t like about this show. The last episode was a bit confusing but once I read that this was a bonus episode inspired by two fan favourite stories of the DC comic this series is based on, it all made sense. I loved how from one episode to the next, the atmosphere could be quite different. There’s one particular episode where the tension keeps building and building and I sensed pretty early one that this was not going to end well. A second season has not be confirmed at this point.
  • Arcane: I only recently discovered this Netflix original animation series that first aired about a year ago. It’s based on the multiplayer game League of Legends and I think I’ve fallen in love with the style or technique that was used for this series. It looks modern and classic all at once. It feels 3D, but the extremely rich textures make it feel like you’re watching a moving oil painting. The art deco styling of Piltover, the area of the city where the affluent people live, is pure designer porn for me, positively giving me a semi (oh, too much information?). I’m only a few episodes in, but I can already tell that this is going to be a coming of age story for some of the characters, mixed with magic, a generous helping of dystopia and quite a lot of violence.
  • Warrior Nun: I enjoy stories with a strong kick-ass female character. It’s a gay thing, I guess. When you hear a mother say “Oh, I’m sure our Elliot couldn’t be possibly gay. He’s so totally into Xena Warrior Princess…” Sit that woman down. Have “that” conversation. But I’m digressing again. Warrior Nun follows the story of a young accidental reluctant hero who’s hat a rough start in life and now a second life she has to figure out. The second season is set to air soon in my region, so I recently watched the first season again. This is something I do quite regularly and I wish Netflix had the option to watch things at double speed so I could get up to speed again a bit faster. Then again, I do fear that if I start watching too many thing at double speed, I may find real life too slow.
  • The School for Good and Evil: a movie that challenges that old fashioned idea that certain people that look a certain way will end up on the good side of the stories while others who don’t meet those beauty standards, will inevitably become evil. It’s slightly disappointing that both the characters in this story are beautiful girls. They’re doing that thing where they take a beautiful person and think we won’t notice this if they give them somewhat unruly hair and dreary outfits. Nevertheless, I did enjoy this movie. I prefer series and often find that movies are too long to hold my attention. At 2h 29m this one was a bit of a challenge, but as it was quite light and airy, beautifully styled and the acting wasn’t too shabby (it had Charlize Theron in it for goodness sake!) it went buy reasonably swiftly.
  • The Curse of Bridge Hollow: I need at least one of these typical Halloween movies aimed at a younger audience every year. Don’t go looking for much dept, just enjoy the cheesy cliché jokes and innocence of this genre. For me it’s Hocus Pocus that started this tradition and there’s a good chance I will be watching that one again to, on DVD. You know kids, those shiny disks old people used to pop in this machine called a DVD-player? *Faking an old voice*: oh, those were the days. Anyway, The Curse of Bridge Hollow didn’t fail to entertain me for what seemed like a short hour and a half.

Of course that’s not it, but I’ll end up with a whole separate website here, if I keep going. Feel free to share some of your favourites in the comments or let me know if you too watch a whole season again of a series before starting on the new season? Do you ever wonder how we just kept it all in our heads for a hole year until a new season started? That’s how we used to watch TV, right? One episode a week and then a very long stretch between two seasons. How did we do it? Are our memories becoming lazier? Let me now Beaver fans! (nope, still sounds wrong).


  • Noche Spoopy onesie, rigged for Legacy, Athletic and Jake with a range of cute patterns for the season an that back hatch that can be opened (you may want to avoid opening the door to trick-o-treaters like that though, or at least not turn your back on them)
  • Legacy mesh body on both avatars
  • Avatar in pumpkin patterned onesie is using the Lelutka Logan mesh head wit Birth Vasean skin and Modulus Pete hair and my Quentin shape(no details for the other avatar)
  • LISP Bazaar Charlotte Nerd sofa (not sure if this is still at the store, I was unable to visit)
  • Schultz Bros. Cubed Coffee Table
  • GCD Retro TV
  • Fancy Decor: Dover Shelf, Bracket Books, Books and Trinkets, Clasp Boxes
  • JIAN: Group Gift Corgi Sleepy Boi (no longer available). Look in the coffee table and you’ll spot Jian’s Kitten Pillow, that one you can still purchase
  • Apple Fall Silver Antiqued Rabbit
  • Jaden Emerald Design Studio Masayoshi Bonsai
  • Cordeaux Bento Couple Pose Mango (adjusted)

Enjoyed this blogpost and want to make sure I’m fully energised to keep going?

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