Reminiscing on a rainy day

I just got a new rain coat from Noche. Well, they named it a rain coat, to me it looks more like a jacket, but the difference between those two garments inevitably takes me to a joke about the Welsh accent. The secret to the Welsh accent is to sound slightly confused, with phrases such as “who’s coat is that jacket” and “who’s shoes are those trainers”. I can’t take credit for these jokes, for that you’ll have to turn to Jimmy Car. But back to me now. Me. ME. MEEEE! *cough* Noche’s rain coat (jacket!) reminds me of the sort of thing I’d used to wear when I was a wee lad… Who am I kidding, I was never a wee lad! I was as tall as my teacher in year 6. Oh how fun it was to be 172 cm at the age of 12. Oy vey, I’m digressing again. So back to the jacket/coat. When I was not so little, we had those rain jackets that had a pocket and you could stuff the whole jacket in it, zip it up and then wear the thing round your waist like a rather useless fanny, but you’d wear it above your bum. Mind you, in the US fanny means butt, while in the UK it means front bottom, which is just another euphemism for lady garden, innit?

Speaking of naming things, I remember we used to call these jackets a KW (pronounced Ka-Weh) and I wondered where we got that name from, so I looked it up. It turns out that it’s the brand name, K-Way. We just pronounced that with a Flemish accent, that’s all. Silly Belgians! It’s a French brand and some marketing people came up with the name, because they hoped it would have greater international appeal than whatever they named it in French. And it did! That little jacket was a world wide success. But of course the Chinese copy cats were paying attention and as if fierce competition wasn’t enough, a huge fire wiped out the factory in 1992, almost finished off the company. Fortunately an Italian company saw some potential in K-Way and purchased it. About 10 years ago the brand was rebooted and by the looks of, the range of garments vastly was extended and thus a brand from my childhood is still with us today. Obviously this blogpost is NOT sponsored by them, because the days that any real life companies take that kind of interest in Second Life™ are a thing of the past, but that’s probably a topic for another blogpost that would require some more in-depth research. I think right now I’d rather spend a bit of time nostalgically reminiscing about my childhood. Oh sweet were those summer days in Belgium, whenever we didn’t need that fekking k-way jacket. Oh well, let’s just have a bit of daydream about a romantic camping experience then eh… Yeah sure, we’ll get sodding wet and catch our deaths. That’s propper Jack and Rose romantic, innit? Never mind. I shall just leave you with the credits. Feel free to leave a comment, mentioning any brands or particular items of clothing that take you right back to your childhood


  • Noche Brian Rain Jacket, currently available at this month’s round of the Fameshed event until November 27th, check Noche’s main store after that date
  • Legal Insanity Lewis Denims (the distressed ones)
  • Legal Insanity Gus Jeans (the ones with the suspenders)
  • Noche Joel Sweater
  • Noche Miguel Joggers
  • L&B Swear Old School Low Tops (yellow sneakers in first image, avatar on the left)
  • Gutchi Old School v2 (brown sneakers in first image, avatar on the right, but can’t find them at the store)
  • Versov Kurtov Sneakers (in second image, no Legacy size included, but with the sweatpants tucked into the shoes, I can wear the Signatur size without feet)
  • Avatar on the left in image 1 and on the right in image 2 is wearing:
    • Lelutka Devon mesh head (includes the facial hair option shown)
    • Legacy Athletic mesh body (actually if we’re going to be pedantic about, then this the mesh body named Athletic by the creator named Meshbody who also do the Legacy mesh body and as you hardly see anything of the body (a rarity on this blog) I may as well be the Legacy body.
    • Birth Drew skin for Lelutka EvoX + their body skin for Legacy
    • Billy Beaverhausen Pete shape
    • Modulus Caydan hair
    • Modulus Jonas hairbase
  • Avatar on the right in image 1 and on the left in image 2 is wearing:
    • Lelutka Logan mesh head (incudes the facial hair and hairbase option shown)
    • Legacy mesh body
    • Vendetta Phillip skin for Lelutka EvoX + their body skin for Legacy
    • Vango Neil hair (group gift)
    • Billy Beaverhausen Brenton shape, you can go grab this one on my Buy Me a Coffee page, free of charge
    • Dappa Forme Tattoo (better visible in image on Buy Me a Coffee, you can view it for free)
    • Minimal Berlin Corners (some adjusted textures)
    • Nostalgia Whimsey Pumpkin (the painted ones)
    • Jian Kitten Collection
    • The tent, sleeping bags and campfire are from an old Thirst gacha. Check Marketplace for available items
    • What Next Winter Harvest Picnic Hamper

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