Fabulous Freebies IV

Mesh head creators Akeruka are celebrating an anniversary with the release of a female and male mesh head as a temporary group gift for one week only. You have until 22 June, 12 AM SLT to pick it up, after that the heads will be available for purchase at the normal price for Akeruka’s New Generation heads, which is L$2,999. The fee for joining the group is L$ 150.

Here I’m wearing the male mesh head “Aron” with its original Akeruka skin, combined with the TMP mesh body for which you will find body appliers in the package as well as Omega and Slink appliers. I’ve made some changes to the shape that was included, but haven’t spent much time yet trying to personalise the look. The hud includes some extras like the freckles and eye makeup you can see in the picture. You will also find the option to hide your ears,  which I have done here to wear my usual Mandala mesh ears. Don’t forget to try out some different brow shapes. There is one included in the package, but a different brow shape can make a very noticeable difference.

Akeruka_Aron_wrong_shapeI always enjoy adding a new head without putting on the included shape first. So far the result of that little exercise hasn’t failed to crack me up yet and we all need a good laugh from time to time! Don’t panic if you’re a bit new to mesh heads and this is the kind of thing you are seeing when you first put on the head. Simply wear the accompanying shape and things will look much better. Naturally this will affect your overall body shape, so you will have to adjust this to get back to the preferred look for your body. It’s a good idea to have those setting stored somewhere in a spreadsheet or on a note card.

There are no animations included in the package, so if you want to be able to pull some funny faces, you will have to splash out on the animation hud Akeruka created for this head (L$2,499), or shop around for a facial AO. I noticed that while I was wearing my altered shape, the talking animation that reacts to voice was deforming my mouth. This effect was far less noticeable when I was wearing the default shape for the head. Typing also had no averse impact on the talking animation and my pretty little mouth looked normal just yap-yap-yapping away.


Mesh head: “Aron” by Akeruka
Mesh Body: TMP Deluxe
Hair: “Haunting” by Stealthic
Ears: “Steking” ears, season 5 by Mandala
Eyes: “Green” by Vermeer (packages include mesh and system eyes)

3 thoughts on “Fabulous Freebies IV

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    1. I instantly liked this head and I will be having Aron days.
      The package includes:
      -The mesh head
      -Teeth (these used to be just part of the head before)
      -The main hud with 10 skin tones and options for hairbases, eyebrows, eyes shadow, freckles, beards and shine
      -Body appliers (Omega, Slink and TMP) and system skins so you can even wear this head with your system body should you wish to do so. If you’re wearing a suit and only a bit of your neck is showing, then this is a nice option to have, especially if you have separate mesh hands as well.
      -The Aron mesh head shape and eyebrow shape
      -The alpha (of course)


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