It’s Group Gift Time Again At Akeruka!

Back in June I was pleasantly surprised when Akeruka’s group gift turned out to be their  newest male mesh head. You can read up on some of the fun I’ve had with that head or you can stay right here and take a look at what Akeruka is giving away this time. Yes, you read that right, they are giving away another head. For a limited time of course and for group members and if you want animation you will have to purchase the hud separately, but apart from that it’s a pretty sweet gift. According to the group notice, you have until 21st October to pick this head up for free and after that it will be sold at the normal price, which usually is L$ 2,999. The group joining fee is L$ 150.

The head is named Keiji and it has a distinctive Asian look which will proof very difficult to hide. If this look isn’t for you, simply move on and stop nagging. Personally I welcome the change and the challenge to make this head my own. The package contains the head of course (duh… did I just say duh? *rolls eyes at himself*), a basic shape, an eyebrow shape, separate teeth which are handy for those of you that want to swap them out for fangs (you know who you are) as well Omega, Slink and TMP body appliers that match up with the standard skin tones of the head. So far for the information, now let’s move over to some looks.

I stuck with the original skin for the first look, but skipped right past the shape that comes with the head and started creating my own. For eyes I went with a trusty pair of system eyes by Ikon and for hair you simply can’t go wrong with whatever you choose from the Stealthic range these days. A bit of guyliner and a light sprinkling of freckles finishes the look. These last two details come with the head and you will find several options in the hud. I’m combining the head with the Signature body and depending on which windlight you happen to be viewing it in, the neck seam will be quite visible or rather invisible. The omega applier does recognise the Signature necksheath, but its not a very efficient solution. I’m still looking forward to the day when this little personal pet peeve of mine will be a thing of the past. Seamless heads! Give us seamless heads! Oh and the briefs are from 4BIDDEN.

Akeruka Keiji - Essences Kei blog
The good news for me is that I had the “Kei” skin by Essences knocking about in my inventory and it just happens to be a very nice fit for this face. The bad news is that I can’t find it anywhere inworld or on Marketplace. Essences still has a store, but it seems they only carry female skins at the moment. FYI: the snazzy swim trunks are by Noche.

The very distinct features and especially the shape of the eyes, make it difficult to use just any Omega applier on this head. On every skin I tried, there were creases in the wrong place on the eyelid, making it look as if I was wearing badly applied eye shadow… As if! I’ll make sure to revisit this head some other time and have another look for skins, maybe someone will have created something suitable by then.

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