Fabulous Freebies VI

The SmartPea Summer Hunt is starting to bare fruits. So far I have collected over 10.000 points without paying much attention to the prizes I can get with these, because I’m simply too focused on finding those darn shells! Apart from that, I’m also enjoying the many interesting places this hunt is taking me to. Meanwhile I have picked up a handful of the direct prizes and though the Summer Hunt hud actually costs 100 L$, I still more or less consider these to be freebies.

First up, a quirky pair of shades from Mulloy with a colour hud of course, which came in handy to keep my Team Blue outfit colour-coordinated.

Next is a collection of three prizes: two chunky candles in a glass box from Bigbully, a more modest romantic candle in a shell from Zerkalo and what looks like some casually picked flowers in a couple of small ornate vases from Keke.

Madpea Summer Hunt Prizes 01

RIGHT! I’ve got today’s Team Blue outfit together and I’m ready for some more MadPea shell hunting, with gritted teeth and a healthy helping of determination.

Madpea Summer Hunt Outfit 2

Body and Skin: Belleza “Jake”
Head: Catwa “Stanley”
Hair: Lock&Tuft “Ames”
Jeans with boxer shorts: NotSoBad “Keanu”
Sneakers: come with the Belleza jake body
Necklace: Mandala “Kotowari”

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