Masters Of Style Hunt 2017

The Masters of Style Hunt is another one of those rather rare hunts full of male or unisex items. The hunt started on 17 June and runs till 31 July. There is no HUD, so you simply use the links on the web page. The list shows 31 locations and quite a few of these have been marked as “skip this store for now”, which all in all made this a quick and easy little hunt. Each item costs 1 L$ and here are some of the items I found and wanted to show.

From Fearsum I got a red t-shirt with interesting chain detail, including versions for TMP, Signature, Belleza, Adam, Slink and Aesthetic mesh bodies as well as the classic avatar.
At Inkheart I found a pair of what they call “Magical Eyes” which came in a chocolate brown and forest green, both as system eyes and mesh eyes.

FE Style was hiding a camouflage sweater in standard sizes only, which more or less works with the TMP body which I am using for this blog post.
What definitely fits very snugly on the TMP body is the grey and black tank top you can find at HORR Menswear. It’s not exactly my style, but it does look well made and will work with TMP, Signature, Adam, Aesthetic, Slink and Belleza mesh bodies and classic avatars.


Amazing Creations attempts to… amaze us with a shirt and t-shirt combo, available in standard sizes only. While I really appreciate the colour choice, I find the overall design lacking in refinement compared to new similar shirts that are being created today.
Dark Water Designs tries to keep things simple by offering a complete outfit. The jeans and shoes are one piece, which means you can pop off your mesh feet and travel a little bit lighter. TMP and standard sizing versions were included for the layered t-shirt and I will probably use it with other trousers, because the included jeans make my legs look a little bit too thin for my liking.


Robbie Roo’s Whatchamagoos went a bit crazy with a red, white and blue nautical theme for an assortment of accessories, a blazer, a shirt, a pair of shorts and shoes. Of the clothes I think I would only wear the shorts but it took some shape editing to make them fit for the TMP body and now my legs look too skinny again.


Angel DELUXE hid 4 items in and around their store, but I only found three and I’ll be showing just two, cause one triggered an instant “I don’t think so” reaction. Again, these items are not ideal for the TMP body, nevertheless I squeezed my butt in the jeans as best I could, because I rather fancied the faded camouflage pattern. I also liked the zombie t-shirt, but it was clipping badly on my neck. Possibly this shirt would work better with the Signature body, which in general is less of a pain in the neck with t-shirts.


KingbalStores threw in a simple open leather jacket perfect for showing of those abs, but I had to severely tone down the muscle mass on my TMP body to stop my neck from pocking through the back of the jacket (always that darn neck!)


That’s all folks! Conclusion: I’ve been on hunts with better quality items but there certainly was some salvageable stuff. Also, if there’s no TMP version included, it can be a real pain to try and make it work.

Over and out! *slumps over keyboard with nose on ZzzzzzzzzZzzzzzZzzz.

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