The Perfect Man Cave Bed

Man Cave has moved and the new digs seem roomier and grungier than before, complete with a diligently deployed decor of dust and debris. The place tries hard to make the manliest of men feel right at home and to make some of us act more butch than we really are. I decided to concentrate on the NX-Nardcotix “David” mesh body on this visit, to see if anything new had been made that included a version for this specific body or if I could get away with wearing a fitmesh or Signature version. Long story short: Nothing fitted! Luckily Man Cave isn’t just about attire but usually has a couple of pieces of furniture to create your very own – at the risk of sounding obvious – man cave.

Kraftwork is showcasing a Murphy bed with a distinctively masculine industrial vibe. The gauche fronts of the cabinets invite you to fill the shelves with clothes and all your bits and bobs and you can even leave a door open to show off just how laid back you are, because nothing says more that a man is living here than the obvious inability to close doors. There are built-in lights that help to create a secluded alcove feeling and there is a pair of boxing gloves resting on a door handle, to let people know that nobody’s gonna mess with you… And the patina on the leather of those gloves is just to die for! You can choose from 4 images for the wall texture or leave it blank. Of course, should you find your self in a situation where you need more party room, the bed easily flips up and becomes one with the cabinets. The PG version is just L$ 199, the adult version a very affordable L$ 399 and the animations are LGBT friendly.

Perfect Man Cave Bed 2 blog

Murphy beds are named after William Lawrence Murphy. The urban legend goes that he was smitten with an opera singer, but living in a one-room apartment in San Francisco. In those days the very idea of a woman entering a man’s bedroom was rather frowned upon. Murphy’s invention converted his bedroom into a reception room in just a matter of seconds. Earlier fold-up beds had existed, but Murphy was the one to introduce and patent the counterbalanced design. Ah, the things we do for love!

The bed is shown in the Old Toy Factory skybox by Never Totally Dead, which I got as prize last year in MadPea’s Hunt for Santa. I’m wondering if they have something in stall for us for the holiday season this year.

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