New Year’s Indulgence

Shopping therapy isn’t really therapy, it’s more like a sugar rush with zero nutritional value for your brain or the rest of your body, for that matter. Nevertheless, every now and again I like to indulge in a shopping spree and as I’m severely allergic to New Year’s resolutions, I threw caution to the wind and paid a late night visit to Men Only Monthly. I was wearing the Signature body and the world was my oyster… Well, that particular corner of this virtual world anyway. Truth be told, I don’t really like those slippery little bastards. Mind you, they DO have great nutritional value, but I digress…

As it turned out, it was a rather tame shopping spree. Not many items were calling out to me and I didn’t really hear the all too familiar “buy me, buy me” at MOM this month. Possibly some items were shouting in a foreign language, the way people tend to do when you don’t understand them and they very much mistakenly think that if they start shouting, you will miraculously comprehend their language. The two items that did catch my attention, were the New York dungarees by Yassum and the Dagon hair by Tableau Vivant.

Dungaree Billy detail blog

The hairstyle can be worn combed to the left or the right and even includes hairbases. The dungarees unfortunately only are available for the Signature body, but come in several colours and are perfect for those of us that appreciate a bit of butt cleavage. They combine very nicely with the group gift V-3 Trainers from Vale Koer and seeing how there’s no joining fee for this group, these trainers are a very nice freebie, especially because they include an amazing hud that lets you pick different colours for sections of the shoes, which makes for more combination possibilities than I care to calculate.

I’m wearing the Signature mesh body and head with the Kenichi skin from Stray Dog, which is one of the few skins they have that will work with this head. I like my Catwa head too, but I don’t like monopolies or lack of diversity and I think it would be great to see some more Signature or Omega appliers.
The original eyebrows with this skin are very heavy, but there’s a no-brows version included and I’m using this with the Real Eyebrows from Identity. As often, the ears are from Mandale and as always, the shape is my own.

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