7 Deadly S(k)ins May group gift

It looks like 7 Deadly S(k)ins is doing a throw back to the “system avatar” with their male group gift this month. For those of us who are fully converted mesh freaks, going back to basic might seem inconceivable, but for anybody new to SL, this gift will make a nice upgrade from the rather bleak standard avatars.

A decent system skin for your head can also be a good thing to have if you pick up the 500 L$ TMP Deluxe mesh body. You can find out more about that quasi controversial choice  in my “What’s Eating TMP” blog series.

There are a couple of options to match your mesh body to the system head. Both the Signature and TMP body for example, have a neck tattoo to help create a softer seam rather than a sharp line. Another alternative is to get an Omega or TMP applier that matches the system skin. Both are available at 7DS and I’m using the Caramel TMP applier in this image to match the ‘Brent’ group gift skin.

  • 7DS group join fee is L$ 225
  • The TMP Deluxe mesh body is L$ 500, including some skin options in 36 skin tones. No. 19 works nicely with 7DS Brent on your system head. Don’t forget to wear the No. 19 neck fader from TMP! It’s not a perfect match and looks a bit strange at the front of the neck, but there’s virtually no visible seam on the back of the neck.
  • If you go for the TMP applier from 7DS, make sure you get the skin tone that matches the group gift skin. You can get either Caramel or Stone and they are L$ 450 each.
  • The hair is from Tram, the jeans shorts are from Legal Insanity.

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