MadPea Summer Hunt 2018

Last year MadPea kicked off their Easter Hunt and started what would become a series of popular grid-wide hunts, as it soon was followed by a Summer Hunt, a Halloween Hunt and a Christmas Hunt. These aren’t the traditional hunts where you search for an item which contains a prize. To participate in the MadPea Summer Hunt you need to purchase a hud for 100 L$. You will be hunting for shells using this hud and each shell you collect earns you a number of points. Once you have collected enough points you will be able to trade them in for prizes, which are of a much higher standard than what you usually find in hunts and are well worth the 100 L$ you spend on the hud. You have until 27th June to earn points and usually the prizes stay out for another 24 hours after the hunt has ended, so you have a little bit of extra time to pick them up, in case you need to go rent a moving van or something.

As this hunt is grid-wide and anybody can purchase shells to hide at their sim, it is a great opportunity to explore highly imaginative places and meet interesting new people. Don’t feel pressured into being sociable though. Personally I feel that if I want to be a ruthless shell hunting beast, then that’s my prerogative.

Convair lawn sprinkler

Here and there you will find a special pearl oyster that gives you a direct gift. The only one I found so far is a lawn sprinkler at Convair, but it’s early days yet. Happy hunting y’all! May your buckets be full of shells and your hearts be light.


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