Event: Notice Me, Senpai

It took some quick googling for me to understand the title of this event. According to Wikipedia “Senpai and kōhai are a pair of Japanese words which describe an informal hierarchical interpersonal relationship found in organizations, clubs, businesses, and schools in Japan.”
Apparently it is quite common in anime or manga for a kōhai to desperately and rather unsuccessfully seek their Senpai’s attention. So I guess the Notice Me, Senpai event is going to be a kawaii, anime, hentai, manga kind of thing. I’m mostly just going because my sponsor Thirst have something new there which they’re calling their Nekofun set ( Neko is the Japanese word for cat). It’s a once a year kind of thing and it ends on August 12th, so be there or be a Gömböc.

The cat ears, tail, choker and bracelets are exclusive for this event, but I imagine that the briefs and socks will eventually be available from the Thirst store.

I’m looking around at Notice Me, Senpai now. It’s a rather unimaginative rectangular space with vendors along the walls. The upside of this simple layout is that there aren’t any confusing corridors to get lost in and the risk of missing anything is very low.
As usual with these events, the content is heavily skewed towards female avatars, though of course you always can get a little adventurous with your make-up and or press-on nails on your male avatar. On the other hand, there’s a good chance that nails will only work on for example the Maitreya body.

Eventually I did grab myself a human-sized cat scratch pole by Half Deer. Does this make me neko-curious and more importantly, where do we squeeze that in on the LGBTQI initialism?

You can read more about the body, head and skin I’m using in my previous post: Whats Eating TMP 16. The cats are from the JIAN kitten collection.

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