Pretty In Pink

Did you know that pink originally was the colour for baby boys? It was thought to be the stronger, more virale colour while light blue was dainty, frail and girly. I don’t know when it changed exactly, cause at this point I’m just quoting knowledge I’ve picked up by listening to QI while I’m working, and not everything makes it to my memory core that way. I also remember that all babies were referred to as girls till the late 15th century and whenever a gender distinction needed to be made, male babies were called knave girls and female babies were gay girls. How utterly confusing!

The Holobomber Jacket by Thirst is a great piece for this pink outfit. It’s a jacket, so there’s a nod to the upcoming colder autumn weather, but being a transparent nylon bomber also makes it very playful. This jacket has been rigged for the Belleza Jake and Legacy mesh bodies and you’ll find it at the current round of EQUAL10 till October 5th. After that you can check out the Thirst main store. I’m wearing this jacket with the very skintight Alexander leggings by Noche and Retro Dunks by Vale Koer. Both these items come with extensive fatpacks which naturally include pink options.

Items shown using the Belleza Jake body with the Catwa Victor head, Stray Dog Urie skin, Obscura hairstyle by Stealthic, Bristle beard by Birth, mesh ears by L’etrê and Solstice Eyes by Avi Glam.

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