Pleasing Aesthetic – Episode 4

For my previous two fun sessions with the Niramyth Aesthetic avatar I used its own head. Now it’s time to mix things up again, shout “off with his head” and quickly transplant the Catwa Victor head onto the body while the nerve endings are still open (too graphic?)

It’s probably always going to be a disappointment to me that there are no skins available for the Aesthetic body apart from its own range. On the other hand, it is easy to tint the standard skin and match it to whatever skin you are using on a Catwa head, although it gets a bit tricky with a white hair base. I need to stalk some people who have done that successfully and see if I can figure out how they did it. Meanwhile I don’t mind that combination of dark and blond. I’ll happily admit that my blog doesn’t go in too much detail when it comes to making these combination, but I did elaborate on it slightly more in Pleasing Aesthetic – Episode 1. The skin I’m using is Hugo by Birth and somehow it reminds me a little bit of Gus Kenworthy. Does anyone agree?

Meanwhile I discovered Quite, a brand with just a few items but they’re sexy and all come in the Aesthetic size. I was vaguely aware of them already, but they made another bleep on my radar with their newest speedo. It comes in various sizes and I splashed out on the mega pack which has a ridiculous number of texture options. You can even be naughty and make it see through or “accidentally” drop it down to your knees. Various bulge shapes are included for your comfort.

There are no tricks to the Ryan Shorts they’re just pleasantly bulgy and come in a bunch of colours.

The Sexy Briefs don’t do anything special either, other than clearly line out your penis. Some would say that’s more than enough.

This concludes my session of not really getting dressed with the Aesthetic body, featuring Quite.

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