Another Fairy Day – Episode 4

Long workdays are bleeding into each other and everything is starting to look the same. I do get some relief from it all by watching things on a tablet while I’m commuting. This has become my main way of watching “TV” . The thing I enjoyed most lately was The Dark Crystal series, a prequel to the 80’s movie of the same title. The closest I can get to the magical world of Gelflings and Skeksis is popping on a pair of wings and flying around a bit on a pretty sim like Tagus Enchanted Forest.

I may have been a little underdressed in just the Clasp Bikini from the September JOCKD set by Thirst, but I think the clasp gives it that little special detail I want for a fairy look. Another nice detail is the Mary Jems collar by FakeIcon, currently at Fameshed till October 27th. It’s nice to have a bit of ethereal bling to augment that fairy feeling. I’ll leave you here with the full list of credits and fly the chandelier swinging f*ck out of here.

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