Welcome Winter

If money was absolutely no issue whatsoever, I would move to a place with a Goldilocks climate. The Channel Isles come to mind. I’ve spent a week on Jersey once and thoroughly enjoyed it. As I’m only afforded a modicum of freedom and won’t be leaving Stockholm anytime soon, I make a conscious effort to welcome the winter.

Icy pavements, fine snow being blown in my face by the kind of wind that could shave the eyebrows of a mosquito and the darkness (whispers:”the darkness”) are just a few of my pet peeves of this season. Oh the relief when I come in from the cold in a warm space! That almost makes up for it in an absurd delayed gratification kind of way. Candles, blankets and hot drinks don’t go all the way when it comes to warming the soul, but they sure take off the edge.

Of course we take all of that with us in SL and even the somewhat neglected old Linden Homes can become a cosy place to hang out in. There’s something therapeutic about creating a comfy daydream spot in this virtual world. Evidently your attire also should be suitable for the occasion. The new Thirst “Union” Suite is the perfect pair of jimjams for a totally self-indulgent session of laziness. The suite is fitted for the Belleza Jake and TMP Legacy mesh bodies and you can currently pick it up at EQUAL10 till December 9th. After that you’ll find it at the Thirst store.

And now the rest of the credits: Legacy mesh body, skin by Stray Dog, Victor mesh head by Catwa, Adrian hair by Modulus, mesh ears by L’etrê, beard applier by Birth.

Mid century fire place with decor by Lisp Bazaar, concrete and wood coffee table by Fancy Decor (group gift), Famous sofa and chairs by N4RS, sleeping corgi by Jian (group gift), pile of books by Floorplan (with texture change pillow), Box of cookies by What Next (I think that was part of a collection of autumn foods), warm cocoa by Dust Bunny (gacha), faux fur rug by Mori (no longer in SL), Big Bully candles in a box, Fancy Decor Wallace table. That’s it. Over and out.

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