Fire In Your Eyes

Birth have been branching out from skins into mesh eyes lately and interesting animated eye textures. In my previous post I went shopping for the NX-Nardcotix mesh body at TMD and In every shot I used the Birth animated eye texture that’s available at the event right now till the end of the moth. I didn’t zoom in enough to make it really noticeable, so let’s remedy that here and now.

I like the idea of having a flickering flame in my eyes, as if I’m constantly staring into a campfire on a chilly night, maybe with someone softly strumming a guitar, marshmallows for toasting and hot cocoa that’s ever so gently spiked. Put that whole scene in a snow globe and put it somewhere far out of reach of reality.

  • Mesh head: Catwa Stanley
  • Birth Ryu applier for Catwa mesh heads and Birth Omega body applier, skin tone #2
  • Birth Glimmer Custom Eye System and Smouldering Effect @ TMD
  • Modulus Nial hair @ TMD
  • L’etrê basic mesh ears
  • Mesh body: NX-Nardcotix David
  • Kokoro Poses – Fabio fatpack
  • Dance Hall photo booth by Fox City

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