Latex & Leather Fetish 2

I thought I’d do another blog post on the squeaky materials some of you seem to like so much. As previously stated I personally don’t really seem to have a fetish. In my opinion the word has become overused anyway. As soon as one has the slightest penchant for a certain thing, people start throwing the F-word about. I guess that’s what you get in an era where even couponing has gone to an extreme. It is the age of excess. I don’t really belong in it but I make a very conscious effort not to judge. Mind you, party busses though? What’s that all about? People get on a specially kitted out double-decker bus which is “playing” music to an annoyingly loud level while driving through town? This is fresh on my mind, as I experienced this particular type of nuisance only last night, while I was trying to enjoy a late night walk in town. I definitely did some very judgmental swearing under my breath. Oh well, nobody’s perfect. Let’s just get down to business and look at little latex number.

If you’re quick you can pick up the Noche Latex Thong Singlet as part of the 60L$ Happy Weekend. This weekly sales event is organised by the same people that run Access. Designers offer a high quality item at the special price of L$60 at their main store from Saturday 10:00 AM SLT to Sunday 11:59 PM SLT.
The Noche singlet is materials-enabled of course, which gives it that high sheen and after al, that is the effect you’re looking for when you’re wearing latex in SL. The singlet is rigged for Belleza Jake and the Legacy Meshbody, has a couple of bulge options and comes in six single colours. If you want to splash out on the fatpack, which gives you a whopping 24 colour options, that too is available at a reduced price of L$499 till the end of Happy Weekend.
The Riot Shae Thigh High Boots and Noche Bill Essential Gloves complete the look which wouldn’t look out of place in a quasi avant garde male burlesque act… As long as it isn’t on a fekking party bus.


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