Latex & Leather Fetish 3

I’m back to wearing something that goes squeak in the dark. The kind of garment that requires a generous dose of talcum powder to squeeze into. It’s so form-fitting that, even though I’m fully covered, it leaves very little to the imagination. Funnily enough, this kind of garment in Second Life™ will often find its way into the wardrobe of those that enjoy rollplay, where having an imagination is a must. Wasn’t Britney Spears wearing a red version of this kind of suite… on Mars?

Of course that latex thong singlet remains an absolute show stopper too. We find ourselves yet again at the backstage boudoir of a controversial Burlesque Boys club where our boys are getting up to some shenanigans in between acts. It will all end in heartache I tell you! But let’s leave them to it and take a peek at the credits

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