Clearing Out The Wardrobe – Episode 8

For the past couple of posts I have been leaning more towards winter wear, with just a hint of thong. To stay with that range of menswear, I put on an old outfit that had “coat” in its name and gave it a bit of an update.

For the old outfit on the left I was using the TMP Deluxe mesh body and head, Etham Ryan Peacoat, Jomo Crude Mad jeans and David Heather Fred sneakers. For the new outfit I’m using the Legacy Meshbody with the Akeruka Clay mesh head and I’m wearing the Admiral peacoat by Deadwool. This isn’t a recent release, but it’s so well made that it can stand its ground against items that are being made right now and I really like the details on it. With the scarf, which you can hide if you want, it also looks a bit more suitable for the many snowy sims that are in vogue at the moment. I’ve had my eye on this coat since I started working on an update of this look, but waited till there was a sale on at Deadwool. Hey, we’re living in economically uncertain times, so don’t you look at me like I’m some cheapo basic bitch. While I was at it, I treated myself to the fatpack of Deadwool’s Kojima jeans, so there!

This wardrobe update also got me playing with a shape for the Akeruka Clay mesh head, which is one of their Deluxe range mesh heads. I have created multiple looks with the newer Akeruka Advanced mesh head, but the Deluxe range isn’t too shabby either. These heads are a bit limited on the animations front, but not lacking in good looks. I particularly like Clay with the Jonatas skin from Stray Dog. If you use this head with the Legacy Meshbody, you’ll get a pretty good neck seam result, which is always a plus. Even the free Classic Meshbody (of the same makers) isn’t a bad option.


  • Akeruka Deluxe Clay mesh head
  • Legacy Meshbody
  • Billy Beaverhausen Ricky shape for Akeruka Clay and Legacy Meshbody, it also looks good (though different) with the Classic Meshbody
  • Stray Dog Jonatas skin for Catwa, using the BOM version + their skin for the Legacy body (again, using the BOM version)
  • Stealthic Psycho hair and hair base
  • Avi-Glam Solstice eyes, applied to the rigged eyes that come with the Akeruka head. You will need the Omega relay, which you can find at Akeruka store
  • Mister Razzor Luigi facial hair. I didn’t see this one at their store, so it probably was a hunt item or gift at some point, but they have plenty of nice beards to choose from
  • Deadwool Admiral peacoat and Kojima jeans
  • Noche Anthony boots

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