The Cardigan

Apparently the cardigan was named after James Brudenell, the 7th Earl of Cardigan who did some things during the Crimean war (I’m paraphrasing). Supposedly he “invented” the garment after he noticed that the tails of his coat had accidentally been burned off in a fire (clumsy sod). Well wasn’t he just the very model of a modern Major-General. I respectfully salute lord Brudenell for his fashion statement.

I prefer cardigans and hoodies over pullovers and sweaters, as they are easier to take off without awkwardly removing your shirt or t-shirt along with it. Cardigans are pretty versatile. You can wear one at home with a pair of sweatpants or even just boxer shorts if that floats your boat. I imagine this is the main use for cardigans at the moment, because the usual yearly habit of doing the rounds to wish friends and family a happy new year in person, will have been put on hold for many of you. The silver lining is that if you’re lucky enough to be in a loving relationship, you will have been able to use the rest of this holiday weekend doing little else then finish off the Christmas goodies and enjoying each other’s company… Being ever so slightly sick of the sight of each other.

When you eventually do venture out, you can of course wear a cardigan under a winter coat, just as you would do with a sweater. Paired up with a simple t-shirt, cardigans can be the perfect solution on days you’re not quite sure what the season is supposed to be. Sometimes you’ll see people sporting a sharper cardigan look with a shirt and tie, but that seems like too much hard work right now.


  • Lelutka Alain Mesh head
  • Stray Dog Hikaru skin for Lelutka + their body skin for Belleza (skin tone #4, using BOM)
  • Stray Dog Alexei facial hair (currently a gift at Man Cave until January 11th)
  • Billy Beaverhausen Shape Grant for Lelutka Alain & Belleza Jake
  • Dura U105 hair
  • Modulus Simon hat & hair
  • Belleza Jake Mesh body
  • Noche Taylor Cardigan, Knit Gloves Essentials, Anthony Boots and just a cheeky glimpse of the James Thong when I take off the cardigan (my dirty little secret). All these Noche items are rigged for Belleza Jake and Legacy Meshbody and the boots also include a Signature Gianni size. The Taylor Cardigan is featured at the current round of Fameshed until January 27th and the Knit Gloves will bet at the upcoming round of the TMD event from November 5th, ending on November 30th. In the first shot I’m wearing the Noche Classic Boxers. These have been rigged for Signature Gianni and Belleza Jake (i.o.w. no Legacy size includes with these boxers)
  • Cold Ash Holloway jeans. These are rigged for Belleza Jake, Legacy Meshbody, Signature Geralt & Gianni, Slink and TMP. Single colour versions come with a smaller colour hud for the belt. This belt can’t be worn with the Noche cardigan, as it pokes through it.
  • Midna Fel necklace
  • Rebellion Savant specs
  • Lover (behind me in first shot)
    • Lelutka Alain mesh head
    • Clef De Peau Jamie skin (currently a Christmas gift at CDP, probably for not much longer)
    • Grant Shape for Lelutka Alain and Belleza Jake (looks different here because another skin was used)
    • Sintiklia hair Stephan, currently a gift at Man Cave until January 11th
    • Stray Dog Alexei facial hair (yup, a Man Cave gift)
    • Noche Miguel Joggers (but he won’t go jogging any time soon)
  • K&S Decorated Christmas tree
  • Catia Kitchen by Consignment

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