Latex & Leather Fetish 5

With this episode my Latex & Leather Fetish series is definitely heading more into the fetish arena, because I can’t quite imagine wearing a kind of muzzle to let’s say, my granny’s Christmas party. As it happens, both my grannies have long since departed, but turning up at their doorstep in this outfit, probably would have brought their departure slightly forward. Anyhoo, what am I doing talking about grannies, while I look hella sexy?! Stop killing the mood you dawg!

The Noche Nath Pup Muzzle comes in two shapes and is resizable, so it will fit most mesh heads. I’m wearing it with a buzz cut, but I’m sure it can look nice with a hairstyle that will cover the top of the mask. The single colour version comes with a hud to change the textures of the metal and the tongue. The fatpack gives you texture options for different areas of the muzzle.
The Noche Baxton Harness was a pretty obvious choice to wear with this outfit. It doesn’t come with a leash, but you can just about imagine attaching one to one of the rings of this harness. Come along doggy!
The last bit of fun that needs to be mentioned is that the Noche Mev Leather Meggings have a clickable front. One click drops them to your knees and a second click of your crotch area (not the meggings crotch, YOUR crotch) will make them disappear. Click again and they pop back up. You can even give someone else access to this strip function, by clicking and holding down the mouse button for a couple of seconds before you release. This will give you a menu with some access options. I’m wearing these meggings in the size 2 bulge and I can actually wear the Noche James Thong in the same bulge size underneath it, which makes the drop-down function of the meggings all the more fun.


  • Noche: Nath Pup Muzzle, Baxton Harness, Mev Leather Meggings and James Thong, using fat packs for all. The harness, meggings and thong are rigged for Belleza Jake and Legacy Meshbody. Various bulge sizes are included.
  • Semller Platform Brit Boots, rigged for Gianni, Jake and Legacy and some female mesh bodies. These boots are currently available at The Men’s Department event until January 30th.
  • Belleza Jake mesh body and Lelutka Guy mesh head on both avatars
  • Birth Ripley skin for Lelutka + their skin for the Belleza body on me (wearing the muzzle)
  • Clef De Peau Allan skin for Lelutka + their skin for the Belleza body on the other avatar
  • Foxcity photo booth – Playroom, adjusted with wood panelling by LISP Bazaar.

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