L’Homme Magazine Group gifts

The latest edition of L’Homme Magazine, arguably SL’s most popular quarterly male fashion magazine, was published in August (2021). Personally I like to leave it until we’re into the second month of the quarter before I start looking for the gifts that come with each edition of the magazine. Quite often not all creators who are kindly donating a gift, have put it out yet on the day the magazine is published. Even though we’re rapidly approaching the end of September, some creators still seem to have no gift available. Oh well, no use crying over spilled milk, especially when the milk wasn’t there to be spilled yet. Let’s look at some of the gifts I could find.

Face all over the place? Make sure you’re in the correct mode for the skin you are using.

I’m also using this as an opportunity to continue the Belleza Jake mesh body and Lelutke Skyler mesh head tutorial. From Vendetta we’re getting the Milan Skin for Lelutka Evo X mesh heads. Remember to switch to Evo X in the HUD for your Lelutka head if after putting on the skin your face is all over the place.

Make sure you wear the BOM layers for the face and body skin in the righter order.

Typically you will not get a body skin for Belleza Jake or any other mesh body with this kind of gift. You can either purchase it separately from Vendetta or you can use Belleza’s own body skin. Keep in mind that the face skin needs to go on top of the body skin, otherwise you’ll get a very bad neck seam. Either you put on the body skin first and then add the face skin or if you’re already wearing these the wrong way round, you can edit your outfit (click on the button with the wrench) and when you hover over an item in the list, you’ll see an arrow that lets you move it up a position. I think that with some skins it doesn’t matter much in which order you wear the layers, but with this Vendetta skin it definitely does.

Right, now it’s time to start embellishing! The hair base can be found in the Unpack – HAIRBASES – lel EvoX BOM (m) folder and the freckles are in the Unpack – ADDONS – lel EvoX BOM folder. I’m also wearing the HD beard that comes with the head. And now for some more L’Homme Magazine group gifts:

The backdrop I’ve used here is a group gift from Minimal and it reminded me I should mention that L’Homme Magazine isn’t “just” about fashion, it usually has some smashing interior design editorial pages too, so it’s no surprise that there are also gifts for in and around your virtual home. Sometimes there may even be a (tiny) home.

Varonis has gifted a cute little cabin and while I’d be hard pressed to turn this into a proper home, it has potential as a romantic hideaway somewhere in a wooded area… Spontaneously bursts into song: the loooove shack is a little place where we can get together… Right! Moving along! The cabin has a wood burning stove to make it nice and toasty and there are several furniture creators in Second Life™ with a lovely back catalogue of group gifts that will be helpful to create a cozy space.

The L’Homme Magazine group gift from Zerkalo is a small stack of books with a whiskey tumbler and cigar. While you’re there you can also pick up Zerkalo’s own group gifts, like the chaise longue and basket with blanket. There’s no joining fee for the Zerkalo group at the time of publication. I also rezzed a rug, side table and some artwork, all gifts from Fancy Decor. There you’ll pay L$ 250 to join the group but the Fancy Decor gifts are plentiful and more than worth it. Meanwhile the shirt I’m wearing is the L’Homme gift from Gabriel and the boxers are a group gift from Kalback. The charming onesie worn by my equally charming buddy is an oldie but a goodie from Noche and also just happens to be a group gift. Finally, the sleeping corgi is yet another group gift from Jian. It will probably please you to learn that there’s no group joining fee for Kalback, Noche and Jian.

The cabin has a small loft, but you can’t really get up there by climbing the ladder, unless you have a very short avatar. Varonis kindly included some pillows with sitting animations with the cabin, so you can rez these on the loft to give you something to click on and take a seat as a way to get up there, away from the world and its worries. It’s a good place for a couple of ice cold brewskies and we just happen to get a bucket full of them from 8f8 Creations.

That’s it from me for now as far as the L’Homme Magazine group gifts are concerned. There are more of them and maybe some will pop up in another blog, but now it’s time for me to go get the laundry out of the drier and probably spend way too much time on trying to match up gray socks in correct pairs.

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