Partridge in a Pear Tree – Episode 33

Hunts used to take up quite a lot of my time in Second Life™, but I have lost my passion for them somewhere along the way. Christmas is a good time for it though. There are a couple of good ones, like for example the Snowbound Hunt (ends on December 27th). The prizes sadly aren’t free in this hunt, but the maximum you’ll pay for one is L$25, so you can look at it as a bargain hunt. However, apart from just a few items for male avatars and some home decor, this hunt is very much skewed towards female avatars. Apparently there’s a total of over 500 prizes, so you’ll definitely will want to use some sort of system if you don’t want to end up paying many tiny amounts that add up to rather a lot of money for a truck load of stuff you don’t need.

There’s a row of stands for each contributor to the hunt, showing the prizes and the specific ornament you need to be looking for if you want that creator’s items. Some people call this cheating, but I totally used Area Search for this hunt! Like, to-tal-ly! Playing it “fair” and having a long look around at a store in a hunt with free prizes is all good and well, but if you’re going to make me pay for the prizes, I will make it myself a little bit easier, thank you very much with a cherry on top. The great thing is that if you do an area search on the brand name, the search results will show you exactly what each item is, because the names and numbers correspond with what’s on each creator’s poster. In short, there’s no risk you’ll accidentally buy a pair of women’s nickers. When it comes to aimlessly wandering around though, the Snowbound Hunt sim definitely is a very nice seasonal creation to spend some time in, even if you’re not much of a hunter.

The items I snatched up are:

  • Santa Hat With Lights by Doe
  • Festive Sweet Treat by Doe
  • T-shirt with Rudolf print by Opopop!
  • Santa’s Helper Lights by Off-Line
  • Merry Bed by Candy Crunchers (does not include the string of lights or lantern)

Other items (not from the hunt) used are:

  • Lelutka Logan mesh head.
  • Legacy mesh body
  • Clef De Peau Brett skin + Velour Eros Lite skin for Legacy (on the avatar with the lights) and Clef De Peau’s own skin for Legacy (on the standing avatar)
  • Noche Thong and Stockings from Santa’s Helper collection and Noah Jockstrap
  • Noche Knit Glove Essentials
  • Deadwool Kojima jeans
  • Tylie Holiday Shoes
  • Argrace Ginga Santa Hat & Hair (on the avatar in jockstrap). This is a group gift for VIP members, there’s no joining fee but you need to have purchased at least one item at Argrace to get the VIP status.

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