Get your freak on

Let’s not beat around the bush, there’s a lot of pixel sex going on in Second Life™. This is one of the reasons why so many people are keeping their SL personas separate from their real lives. Another reason is of course that, even if your SL experience is an entirely wholesome one, there still are going to be plenty of people out there that will see you as a freak. I think there is a slightly higher degree of acceptance for what people would deem to be “real” gaming, but virtual reality still raises the eyebrows slightly higher. Maybe it will get better with the rise of Metaverse… But then again, to me that looks more likely to create a race of zombies. Anywhooo, personally I like to get my freak on in Second Life, from time to time and I definitely like the wide range of kinky attire that’s on offer. The latest item I have added to my kinky wardrobe is the Elijah Body Harness by Noche.

For my photoshoot I drew inspiration from the back-to-school time we’re currently finding ourselves in, with plenty of adverts for whatever kids need these days for their education. Something tells me the Elijah Body Harness isn’t on the list, but sporty older kids probably do need jockstraps (not to mention that one daring out-and-proud gay kid who’s taking no hostages). If I would have to guess what class these sexy studs are attending, I’d go for Mild BDSM 101. I had lots of fun putting this image together, constantly wondering if I could fit in another avatar somewhere. The classroom was definitely getting more and more crowded as the lesson went on and we were steaming up the windows.


  • Elijah Body Harness by Noche, at the current round of Equal 10 until September 5th. Check Noche’s main store after that. The fatpack comes with a ton of texturing options for the crotch, chains, rings and screws.
  • Also shown in this shot are the Susjin and Noah Jockstraps by Noche.
  • Two avis are wearing the Daddy Harness by Noche.
  • Some avis are wearing the Vale Koer Retro Dunks (sneakers), you can clearly see a red one. These have been around for quite a while and I believe the Vale Koer creator is on a long hiatus, but their creations still hold up today.
  • You can also see a hint of the Semller Platform Britt Boots on the avatars who’s being a taught a lesson.
  • Teacher is wearing the Sean Jacket and Trousers with the Oxford shoes all by Deadwool.
  • There are too many skins, heads, bodies and shapes to mention specifics here. I can refer back to an older post for the look of the avi who’s the center of attention. I can also tell you that there’s a mix of the Legacy and Belleza Jake body. Finally, all mesh heads used, are by Lelutka, except the blond one on the left, that’s Catwa Travis.
  • The pose is BDSM 04 by Kokoro.
  • The classroom is the High Love Chemistry Class backdrop by K&S.

Keep me fully fueled and caffeinated so I can keep getting my freak on to entertain you.

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