Partridge in a Pear Tree – Episode 38

Ho ho ho to you all! Christmas is finally truly here, but blink once and it’ll be over and done with, which might be a blessing for those of you who crave a bit of peace and quiet after a particularly tumultuous family gathering. Maybe Second Life™ can be an escape for a couple of hours.

If you do dive in our fabulous virtual world, then you definitely need to check out the Holiday Special organised by Lelutka. They themselves are gifting a male and female mesh head and there are many other participants, giving away skins, make-up, etc. This event runs until December 30th, so you better get a wriggle on! You can find the full list of participants on the Lelutka website. You won’t find the heads at Lelutka’s main store, instead they’ve set up three temporary sims (Extra 1Extra 2Extra 3) where you can go grab Quinn and Raven. That’s what the heads are called, in case you went “who?” and “why?”
In the cover shot for this blog post I’m using Quin with Jack skin by Not Found, which is another one of the gifts. Note that you will have to purchase the body skin yourself. Also note that you will have to be in the group for most of these stores to be able to pick up the gifts. I had to join some myself and drop others that I wasn’t really using anymore anyway. I didn’t have to pay for any of the groups I joined this time though.
I’ve made a shape for this look and am giving it away on the Buy Me A Coffee page. Simply download the Casper.xml file and follow the instructions.You don’t have to buy me a coffee, though of course it would be greatly appreciated if someone actually did. Deuh.

I’ll better stop lying around and get cracking! I need to work my way through this year’s Holiday Shop & Hop Event. One can of course wander around at one’s leisure, but personally I have a weakness for lists and I’m very grateful that a helpful elf at Linden Lab listed all the stores in alphabetical order, making it easy to find your personal favourites, whilst also offering a way to make sure one has visited every single store, for those of us with slightly neurotic compulsive tendencies. You’re mission is, should you wish to accept it, to finish the list by January 2nd.

I never go crazy at these events. Just like last Christmas I treated myself to a new checkered shirt and a pair of jeans by Lapointe & Bastchild Swear. The fatpacks for these two items are L$400 (that’s 50% reduction) and you’ll find that all stores have nice discounts at Shop & Hop, so I’m sure that some of you have gone or still will go totally nuts. Personally I’ll just go gaga unpacking all the gifts and deciding whether they’re good enough to clutter my inventory with or not. This ain’t goblin mode (Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year), this is judgmental bitch mode. I’ll leave you with that bit of self-knowledge and list the credits before I continue shoppin’ and a hoppin’.


  • Lelutka Quinn mesh head (facial hair shown is an included option). Get it at one of the temporary sims mentioned above before December 30th. Once the Holiday Special has ended, this head will be available for purchase at Lelutka’s main store.
  • Legacy mesh body
  • Not Found Jack skin – Tan + the Not Found skin for the Legacy body. I love how they include a version with a belly, a slightly more defined version and then one with full on abs. I can pretend to have a Christmas belly and then get beach body ready, or say “fek it” and just stay Christmas body ready all year round. I assume this skin will be available for purchase once the Holiday Special has ended.
  • Casper shape, available from the Buy Me A Coffee page.
  • Stealthic Psycho hair and beanie.
  • Avi-Glam Noel Eyes, applied to the mesh eyes that come with the head. These are also a Holiday Special gift and again, I assume they will become available for purchase later.
  • From Noche: Knit Gloves Essentials, Oliver Crop Vest, Morgan underwear, Miles Socks.
  • From Lapointe & Bastchild Swear: Bryan Shirt Plaids, Boss Denim Jeans. Remember to get these items from Shop & Hop before January 2nd (end of SL day) if you want these at a 50% discount.

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