Quasi Boho Chic Retreat II

Last spring I was asked by a friend to decorate a small guesthouse which he keeps available for one of his friends who has an on-again / off-again relationship with Second Life. As it has been a while since we’ve last seen her, my friend asked me to make some moderate changes to the place, to make it more suitable as a pied-a-terre for a young guy.

(Studio Guesthouse Kinkardine Concepts)

I left the layout as it was and mostly concentrated on replacing the furniture and mixing up the colour palette by creating a new wallpaper. The new bed is luxuriously dressed yet not too fussy for this place and perfectly positioned to gaze out into nature on a lazy Sunday morning.

Quasi Boho Chic Retreat II - 2 blog
(Traveler Bed by ~Bazar~, Slat Table + White & Gold Desk Lamp by Fancy Decor, Tulips in Mason Jar by Apple Fall.)

The openness of this studio does not make it very suitable to be filled with heavy furniture. Instead of a clunky wardrobe I will probably always prefer to use a clothing rack here. Artwork casually leaning against the wall accentuates the free-spirited character of this little house, while an elegant armchair gives you a place to sit and put on your socks or creepily watch whomever happens to be a sleep in the bed.

Quasi Boho Chic Retreat II - 3 blog(Theros Armchair by ARIA, Clothing Rack and items are a mix from Eli Bailey and Tartessos Arts, Swiss Cheese potted plant by What Next.)

The other side of the studio with its double doors leading to the deck, is perfect for a small living room. The sofa and armchair offer enough seats for a couple of guests and have been arranged in such a way that there is a clear path from the bedroom to the outdoor area. An orange ombre carpet adds a warm splash of colour and a set of white washed shelves offer some room for books, pictures and those vases you got from a distant family member.

Quasi Boho Chic Retreat II - 4 blog
(Famous Sofa by N4RS, Theros Armchair by ARIA, Thistle Coffee Table by Lisp Bazaar, White Wash Shelves by Fancy Decor, Spotlight Lamp by Trompe Loeil, Potted Cactus by Soy.)

Let’s imagine that this place has superb double glazing and it can be used as a little winter hideaway as well as a summer retreat. The simple mid century fireplace is perfect for keeping the studio nice and toasty on those cold winter days and provides a strong focal point to this room without interfering with the flow. In the corner there’s just enough space for a comfortable wingback chair, making it the ideal little nook for reading or having a romantic cuddle in the warm glow of the burning wood.

Quasi Boho Chic Retreat II - 5 blog
(Fireplace by Lisp Bazaar but not available at the store,  Dixon wingback chair by N4RS.)

A modern desk is placed by the large window for day dreaming, organising one’s life on social media and perhaps if need be, doing a bit of work.

Quasi Boho Chic Retreat II - 6 blog
Desk and Chair by Pilot, Task Lamp in Gold by The Loft, Design Books by Apple Fall.

A total of 125 prims were used here for the house, furniture, decor and potted plants on the deck.  If you’re curious about the previous interior for this studio, take a look at the first Quasi Boho Chic Retreat.

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