Something New In The Willy Department 7

The good little horny workers at the Physics Cock “The P” are keeping at it, tinkering with their fabulous toy. In the latest version a few more options were added to the girth, so you can easily go from pencil dick to hokey puck (yes, I’m exaggerating for comedic effect). While previously you’d just blindly click the girth button, not knowing at which level you were until you clicked that one last time that made it go from a chub to a wiener, you can now also adjust the girth by going into the extras menu (the … icon, then Manual Girth Selection), which removes the guess work. I’ve had a chance to play with it a bit more, and it definitely is a plus to have some face animations and sounds right their in the hud for the penis. I’m looking forward to the day the full body animations are updated to include all those where the buttons momentarily say “coming soon”. It would have been funnier if they’d spelled it cumming soon though.

Flip back to a previous blog post about “The P” Physics Cock for more information or just go grab a demo.


  • Lelutka Evolution Skyler mesh head
  • Legacy mesh body
  • Stray Dog Lorenzo skin for Lelutka + body applier for Legacy, both come with BOM layers
  • Billy Beaverhausen “Luke” shape for Lelutka Skyler & Legacy
  • Avi Glam solstice eyes, applied to the rigged Lelutka eyes.
  • Modulus Bailey hair
  • Noche mesh nipples
  • Noche Andre boxer briefs and Brendon tank

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