Pleasing Aesthetic – Episode 8

Today I’m dusting off one of the most muscular mesh bodies in Second Life™. The Niramyth Aesthetic mesh body has been around for a long time, but it still is very popular with a group of loyal fans. You have to be loyal to stick with this body, because there haven’t been any updates in years, nor has there been any talk of updates to BOM for example. The lack of skin options for the Aesthetic body has always been the main letdown for me and maybe if it was updated to BOM, someone might feel inspired to make a new skin for it. But alas, all is quiet on the update front.

For those of you who are heavily into muscle worship, the Aesthetic mesh body is still one of the better options. Personally I don’t bulk this body up too much with my shape, but that doesn’t stop me from having a bit of fun with the Pec Flex muscle animations by Birth.

While there are no 3rd party skin options to speak off, Niramyth does offer a couple of options themselves and you can tint the skin to match a Catwa mesh head. At this point I should mention that the body automatically comes with its own mesh head, but if you stick with that, the options to personalise your look become even more limited. Still, if you just want a very buff avatar and don’t care that there might be some clones of it running around (hey, that might even be a fantasy of yours, you filthy bastards!) the complete Aesthetic avatar is a bit of steal at L$2799.

Speedo by Quite

The hot as hell underwear and swimwear brands like Thirst and Noche don’t support this body, but it comes with its own free pair of tighty-whities and these boxer briefs have been sent out into the grid as a full perm item, which means you can find a ton of texturing variations when you have a look around. RGDW Couture and No Shirt Sherlock are some good places to start of with. For something a little bit more original in the underwear and swimwear department, you can go take a look at Quite and Guilty.

Shot at Templemore Cove

As for outfits, there are some high-end brands that carry the Aesthetic size. Good examples are Legal Insanity, Dufaux, Invictus and Guilty. This list is by no means complete and you can of course search on “Aesthetic” in Marketplace and then filter down to men’s apparel. The top tip as always is to make sure that the Aesthetic size is included by taking a demo first.
Right, enough blah blah blah! It’s time to leave you with the credits and hit the gym, cause this body doesn’t build itself you know (eeehm, yes it does, you’re just going to hit on hot guys).


  • Niramyth Aesthetic Enzo mesh body + Raoh add-on pack
  • Catwa Victor mesh head
  • Birth Carlos applier for Catwa heads, including hairbase and stubble
  • Avi-Glam Solstice eyes (applied on the mesh eyes that comes with the Catwa head)
  • Dura U105 hair (I find this hairstyle particularly helpful to hide the somewhat clumsy solution to fit a Catwa head on the Aesthetic body)
  • Billy Beaverhausen “Ben” shape for Catwa Victor & Aesthetic
  • Guilty StreetPuff jacket (this version is only in the fatpack), currently at Fameshed until March 27th
  • Invictus “Open the jeans” Jeans. It does what it says on the tin, you can open (and close) the jeans
  • L&B Swear Low Top Sneakers (don’t confuse them with the Old School Low Tops, those don’t include an Aesthetic size).
  • Marked Hunter pendant necklace

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