Get Your Freak On 2

Well hello there my lovelies. You sure didn’t have to wait long for the second episode of what may or may not become yet another subseries within my blog. For every person who wants to keep things clean and wholesome in Second Life™ there will be at least two who want to (occasionally) get down and dirty. Mesh bodies and heads and a plethora of drop dead gorgeous skins, luscious locks and increasingly realistic genitalia, sure have improved the aesthetically pleasing aspect of bumping pixel uglies over the years. Through it all, ever since my SL rez day in 2016, I personally always enjoyed just hanging out in my underwear while I’m doing a spot of virtual home decorating. In summer, in that short window of time that it can get slightly hot in Stockholm for a couple of weeks, you may actually find me sitting in my underpants in real life while I’m in my tighty whities in SL. I’m not sure if that counts as art imitating life, but it’s an interesting experience in any case. With all that perfection in Second Life though, I sometimes wonder if it’s ruining real life for me. If you could have your essence uploaded into virtual reality, would you do it?

With the new Draven Harness Set and Jockstrap by Noche, I definitely felt ready to revisit my kinky school. Who doesn’t like showing up for class in a hot new outfit, right? I would like to say it didn’t take long for things heat up, but truth be told, it takes sweat, blood and tears to put a scene together with multiple avatars. But hey, anything to titillate my readers and it’s not like I don’t enjoy the pain.

Noche’s Draven Harness Set and Jockstrap is available at the current round of Fameshed until September 28th. There are too many skins, mesh bodies and mesh heads for me to name them all specifically, so here comes a somewhat vague list of credits.

Some credits

  • Mesh bodies: Legacy and Belleza Jake
  • All mesh heads used are by Lelutka
  • Skins by Birth, Clef De Peau and Vendetta
  • Deadwool Sean jacket and Kojima jeans
  • Platform Britt Boots by Semller (white), Super Boots by Gutchi (blue), Retro Dunks sneakers (pink) by Vale Koer
  • The two central avatars are both wearing the above mentioned Draven Harness Set and Jockstrap by Noche. Other Noche attire in this shot: Elijah Body Harness (the one with the chain and leather crotch), Jusin Jockstrap and Daddy Harness (on the platinum blond hottie wearing pink and white in the background). It’s possible to hide the chest straps of the Daven Harness Set, so you can combine the leg harness with any other chest harness and/or
  • For a more detailed list of credits for the star of the show (the black avatar), I refer you to a previous post.
  • The classroom is the High Love Chemistry Class backdrop by K&S with some adjustments.
  • A more full on, full-frontal images is available for my Patreons

Did you enjoy gettin’ your freak on with this little blogpost? You can easily show your appreciation and keep me in leather, rubber and spandex. Just…

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